Terms & Conditions

Legal Agreement – By using our services the Customer agrees to the following terms:

Authorisation to Access Your Computer

You acknowledge that by your use of the Services you are authorising TechnoDoctor to access and control your computer for the purposes of computer diagnosis, service and repair.

In connection with delivering the services, TechnoDoctor may download and use software, gather system data, take control of your computer and access or modify your computer settings. By accepting these terms, you hereby grant TechnoDoctor the right to connect to your computer, download, install and use software on your computer to gather system data, repair your computer, take control of your computer and change the settings on your computer while performing the services.

Client Data

As part of the repair process, it may sometimes be necessary to re-format the computer’s internal or external hard disc drive(s) and/or to re-install the Microsoft Windows® or Apple operating system (or similar). Both these procedures are carried out only as a last resort and after TechnoDoctor has attempted all other means of repair. All data, regarded by the customer as either required, important and/or critical, should be backed up (saved to another hard disc drive or to removable media, for example, a CD-R or DVD-R disc) prior to any such re-installation of software such as Microsoft Windows®, or the re-formatting of your computer’s internal or external hard disc drive(s). Re-formatting of the hard disc drive(s) means that all data will have been erased. The computer will have been returned to “Factory Settings” after re-installing Microsoft Windows® in other words, to the state it was in when it left the manufacturing facility. The backed up data can then be re-installed on the computer. Computer data can be lost for a number of reasons: for example, problems affecting the computer’s internal or external hard disc drive(s), by a virus or spyware infection, corruption of data files and/or folders. The only effective safeguard against the risks associated with loss of data is to maintain a regular and systematic backup procedure. TechnoDoctor will be pleased to advise on this.

For TechnoDoctor, the protection of a customer’s personal or business data is a matter of course.  Personal data contained on, or transferred from, PCs, terminals and hard drives or disks shall, at all times, be processed fairly and lawfully and anonymised. With the exception of a customer’s personal contact details and the details of all transactions with TechnoDoctor, all other data, however sourced and necessarily held on our computers or external hard drives or disks during the execution of the works, shall be deleted, using a secure format, on completion of the works. TechnoDoctor is careful to protect personal data and the details of any transactions a customer makes with us over the Internet.

TechnoDoctor No-Fix-No-Fee Policy

Our No-Fix-No-Fee policy means simply that if TechnoDoctor does not possess the necessary technical knowledge or ability to resolve the problem or effect the repair, then no charge is made.

Exclusions to the No-Fix-No-Fee policy

When the customer requests TechnoDoctor not to proceed with a repair which it is able to effect to resolve the problem. When TechnoDoctor is able to resolve the problem or effect the repair, but the customer does not possess the required software disc or product key. If the computer’s Operating System is to be re-installed, the customer must provide TechnoDoctor with an original licensed Operating System disc and a valid Product Key. When TechnoDoctor provides a clear and precise diagnosis of a failed component but the customer decides not to proceed with the replacement. The policy does not apply to data recovery, virus or spyware problems, issues with third parties or to cases in which the computer suffered from power surges. TechnoDoctor accepts no responsibility for loss of computer data, however caused, including any alleged loss occurring during data recovery.

TechnoDoctor Same Day Repairs

Contact may be made with TechnoDoctor daily between 08:00am and 20:00pm . However calls received after 14.00pm may not qualify for same day service. In such cases, appointments may be arranged for the following day or be subject to an additional late night call out fee. In some cases, TechnoDoctor may need to take computers to workshops for specific parts to be fitted. All hardware repairs and services, but specifically excluding software services, are supplied with a 4-week warranty. Any computer or other hardware left with TechnoDoctor and not collected within 2 months shall be assumed to be permanently abandoned by Client and will be disposed of without recourse to Client. Prior to this, every effort will be made by TechnoDoctor to contact Client to obtain instructions.

Work Carried Out By TechnoDoctor

TechnoDoctor accepts no liability in respect of any problem(s) we are unable to remedy due to any factors beyond our control. These include (but are not limited to) the specification, age, or condition of your hardware or software, failure to provide appropriate software licenses, discs, drivers, lack of vendor support (for example where you have not kept up the relevant support subscriptions), lack of access to third party services, or any issues with your telecommunications and internet connection.

Work Carried Out By 3rd Parties

TechnoDoctor accepts no liability in respect of any problem(s) caused by non-TechnoDoctor approved technicians working on your systems. Before any other parties are given access to your IT systems we request that you inform us, so that we can provide relevant guidance and information to them, or can monitor, coordinate and restrict their access. This is to avoid actions that may damage your system or cause disruption. Any work required to fix and damage or errors caused by any third party which you engage shall be chargeable at our prevailing rates.

Pay As You Go Support

This service is based on an hourly rate as described when the booking is made. The minimum charge is 1 hour of labour. Our engineer will carry your fault diagnosis, repair, configuration and installation of the computer hardware as described in this agreement. Site visits are available Monday-Friday 8.30am – 6.00pm excluding public holidays. Visits are usually made within 48 hours of agreeing to your request (subject to availability). You must give access at the time of the agreed visit. Failure to do so may require in us charging for the missed appointment (The minimum charge is 1 hour of labour). If your fault cannot be rectified on site we will give you the option to have the fault rectified off site. If your hardware requires repair we will provide you with an estimate to carry out this repair if it is an item that we can obtain parts for. If we replace your main hard drive we will install the original operating system onto your machine provided that you have the relevant genuine licence key(s) and disks. If your hardware is faulty and under warranty we will endeavour to liaise with the equipment manufacturer on your behalf. We will not repair any equipment under warranty. The prices for this service do not include any parts required.

Remote Support

By requesting and accepting a remote session from a TechnoDoctor Representative  to remotely assist you with a technical related issue, you accept responsibility for any changes made to the desktop content or system settings. TechnoDoctor representatives do not assume and is not responsible for any liability for the linking and viewing of any desktop content, the operation of the Remote Support software or system performance.

TechnoDoctor recommends for your security and privacy that you exit any applications you have open that is displaying content such as personal or confidential information before initiating a remote support session with a TechnoDoctor representative. TechnoDoctor further recommends that you remain seated at your desktop throughout the entire remote session.

Your data is important to us. It is up to you to ensure that you backup your data on a regular basis. TechnoDoctor will not be held responsible for any data loss if any occurred during or after a remote session. If you require help in setting up a backup procedure for your data please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

TechnoDoctor continue to take the utmost care when in use of your computer. However, TechnoDoctor cannot guarantee that our service will resolve your problem or that attempting to rectify your technical issue will not cause additional problems requiring an on-site call.

Payment Terms

All work must be paid in full upon completion of service. If an amount remains delinquent 30 days after its issue date, an additional 10% penalty will be added for each week of delinquency or the maximum permitted by law. In case collection proves necessary, the client agrees to pay all fees incurred by that process.

Cancellation of Scheduled Work

If you need to cancel an appointment, TechnoDoctor request that at least 24 hours’ notice be given. Cancellation at short notice may incur an administration charge based on our prevailing hourly rates for time incurred.


Quotations are valid for 14 days from the time of issue. Please check your quotation for the exact period of validity. Any change to the scope of the work, including a change to any stated assumptions or customer dependencies, may result in the quotation being made invalid. Should this occur an updated quotation will be issued to replace the previous version. Quotations are also subject to product availability at the time of issue. Cost and timescales may be affected by stock levels held by us, or at the relevant third party supplier.

Mailing List

By providing us your emailing address, you agree to let us add you to our mailing list. We can send you information that we think will be interesting or useful to you. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to support@technodoctor.co.uk and we’ll make sure there’s a valid unsubscribe link in everything we send by mass mail.

You agree to let us send personal one-to-one communications to you. Examples of this may include sending you mail address verification messages, and replying to queries sent from your mail address.

TechnoDoctor’s Simple Mailing List Policies:

  1. We hate spam. Unless you authorize it or we’re compelled by law, we won’t share your mail address with anyone else, ever.
  2. We value your information. We’ll keep it as secure as we can.
  3. We will send mail at reasonable intervals, which is at most once every couple of month and definitely not once a day.
  4. We’ll do our best to meet all applicable privacy, spam, and other relevant rules and regulations. If you think we’ve failed to do that, please contact us so we can investigate and correct as required.

Returns and Complaints Policy

In the event of any dissatisfaction with the service provided by TechnoDoctor please contact us immediately to discuss the issues encountered. Within the scope of the originally agreed work TechnoDoctor will always endeavour to come to a mutually satisfactory outcome in the event of any dissatisfaction with any service or goods provided; customer service is our number one consideration. For issues unrelated to our work completed, or outside the scope of the agreed work, TechnoDoctor are not responsible. Any additional work outside the original scope of agreed work will be chargeable at our prevailing rates.

Intellectual Property

You warrant that you have the authority (including valid licences, consents, permissions and rights to use) to grant any rights to TechnoDoctor under these conditions, including the right to provide access to and / or use of any your software, hardware, and materials by TechnoDoctor to be used for the provision of the services, nothing in these conditions affects either party’s rights in pre-existing Intellectual Property Rights (including pre-existing Intellectual Property Rights of either party contained in or relating to Confidential Information) (Pre-Existing IPR). You shall own and retain all rights, title and interest in and to the Customer Data. TechnoDoctor shall have no rights to access, use or modify that Customer Data except as necessary to perform the services, or as agreed in advance in writing with you.

Term and Renewals

If you purchase services from TechnoDoctor that are intended to repeat on a periodic basis (for example, monthly, quarterly, annual or bi-annually), including if a service or subscription is identified as repeating in your quotation, then TechnoDoctor may assume renewal of such services or subscriptions, and send an invoice on the month prior in respect of the subsequent period. If you do not wish such services or subscription to continue, you must provide TechnoDoctor with at least 30 days’ prior written notice to withdraw from the renewal.

Hardware Left with TechnoDoctor

Hardware left in the control of a TechnoDoctor representative is insured against fire, theft and damage. We are not liable for any further faults (including unreported faults) that arise during the period that the hardware is in our control. Due to the nature of the work, there is always some risk when working on upgrading/repairing PC hardware (testing and upgrading can stress components). We work following best practices to avoid placing any unnecessary risk to your hardware. By leaving the hardware with us you are confirming that you are happy to accept this liability. Once work is completed we request that you arrange collection at the earliest possible juncture. Failure to collect your hardware or to respond to communications may result in your hardware becoming forfeit and being disposed of. We will always wait at least 28 days before taking this course of action.